Monday, June 26, 2006

Original Joke : life kya hoti hai?

so here I am back again after several days of rest. I was not exactly resting much as I am busy with my MTech report submission right now. Anyways, here goes yet another incident of gupta's humour.
Me, Gupta and Sushil went to Laxmi to have our dinner. Sarat joined after a few minutes. We all were having our dinner, talking, sharing jokes.. Suddenly, Gupta asked sarat "Tune kabhi dange ( riots ) ka samna kiya hai?", "No", answered sarat in a baffled manner. "Tune kabhi baadh ( flood ) ka samna kiya hai?", gupta went on without giving any clue what was this all about. "No". "Tune kabhi akaal ( draught ) ka samna kiya hai? ". "No". We all were trying to know gupta's intentions. "Tune kabhi bhukamp ( earthquake ) ka samna kiya hai?". Sarat replied in negation again. Gupta" To tuje kya pata life kya hoti hai???!!!!", everybody bursted out laughing.

During all this time I observed that all the calamities gupta mentioned about happened in gujarat during not so distant past. So I was feeling a little proud of myself to have faced some of the danger situation gupta had mentioned. I could not resist my feeling and went on to cut my leg with my own axe, "Maine ye sab ka samna kiya hai" I told gupta with a glimpse of pride and enthusiasm.

Gupta "Phir bhi tuje nahi pata life kya hoti hai???!!".