Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sher on cse.mtech2

all this sher mentioned below is from cse.mtech2 "spam" thread. a really nice way to spam i guess :-)
usko chaha bhi to izhaar na karna aya
kut gayi umer hamain pyar na karna aya

usne maangi bhi to judai maangi
or hum the ke inqaar na karna aya

- Tushar
mat karo koi wada jise nibhaba na sako,
mat chhaho usse jise pa na sako

pyar kisika kaha pura hota hai
pyar ka pahila akshar hi adhura hota hai....!

Ae dil unki yaad mein rona fizul hai, ansu anmol hai, inko khona fizul hai,
Rote uske liye hain jo tum pe nisar ho, uske liye kya rona jiske ashiq hazaar hon

Humne socha tha ki shayad, hum hi chahte hai tumko, par tumhe chahne wala to kafila nikla,
Dil ne kaha shikayat kar khuda se, paar khuda bhi tera chahne wala nikla.

Trying to forget someone u love is like trying to remember someone u never

- Tushar
Samet lo sitaro ko hatho me apne,bahut door tak raat hi raat hogi
Musafir hai hum bhi,musafir hai aap bhi,kahi na kahi phir mulakat hogi

Going through the hell

ya, i feel like being in a hell. Even though IIT is my dream institute and i am proud to be one of the student studying over here.. right now, I feel being in a hell.

Mtech first stage project : how should one supposed to approach this? well, the usual things that are supposed happen is, you start your project in your summer vacation. your guide will tell you to go through some research papers and other materials which would help you build up the base. After going through all that stuff you define your problem and may be some views regaring how to tackle the problem etc etc. You write a compilation of all the stuff that you read and your approach towards problem solving.

... wake up dear, it sounds like a dream when you are doing your MTP under Prof Supratik. The very first meeting for the MTP starts with the instruction to read somebody's code which i am supposed to extend. It was definitely was not much motivating to be directly deplyoed on the code. Feel like a rookie in a company where you start with all programming bulshits. I know, that's not a good example to give, because the work that i am supposed to do hear requires lot of thinking and skill and it would really stimulate your brain.

Anyways, things went on, some part of the code was very nicely written and somethings were so ugly. One must keep in mind that somebody else may need to read it someday. I never felt importance of comments in the code to such an extent earlier. After I finished reading the code when I went to meet my guide... ...oops.. i have been going through the wrong version of the code. I was supposed to go through another code which was tackling the problem differently. Of course, the earlier code helped me a lot in understanding this new version but hellooooo.... don't people understand to mention some pointers in the code ?? what algorithms are used ? references? ya, suddenly all this wisdom came to me when i was in the trap. But i must confess that many of the things that should be taken care of while writing such a large programs, i dont take that much care.

Some papers from here and there, I suggeted some heuristic where he demanded for optimal solutions. Though, he was right from his point of view i was thinking that he is demanding too much from me. Everybody is not a PGM ( presidents gold medalist ) like him. He is a genius and a very hard working fellow, so focussed on his field that he did not had time to marry !!!

He suggested some new approach which i am supposed to implement in just ten days. yes, my dear, doing MTP under Prof supratik is not everyone's cup of tea. Though it is really a credit to have him as a guide, i would have opted for a coffee if i knew the tea would be soooo hot.

Here i am, writind down my frustrations/ feelings out here in the blogs are the burning so many nights on the implementation and dont know when the hell i am going to start my report and when am i going to submit it. He believes 5 days should be sufficient to write a report but it would definitely require more than 5 days to do the modification he would suggest.

Anyways, may god give me the strength to withstand this strain right now .... the only thing i am desporately waiting for is 18th july 2005, yes, that's the day when i would (probably ) be submitting my report as i cant refuse the chances of an extension.

hey buddy... stop reading this post now .. i have to go for a sleep :D

Monday, July 04, 2005

Nice sher

This is one is from my shayar classmate nawab. though i am not sure whether this is his creation or not :p.
Mujhko tu apnaa bana ya na bana teri Khushi
tu zamaane mein mere naam se badnaam to hai
Dekh kar log mujhe naam tera lete hain
is pe main Khush hoon muhabbat ka kuch anjaam to hai