Friday, April 21, 2006


it's shayri time again. obviously, not my creation.
Hum mud mud ke unhe dekh rahe the aur woh hame...

Hum mud mud ke unhe dekh rahe the aur woh hame...

Kyunki exam me na unhe kucch aa raha tha, na hame ...
I wish aisi exam har din hoti rahe,
isi bahane kisi ki nigahein hum pe padti rahe
"Churi chalane ki hum par, zarurat hai unhe kya,
Ek dafa wo nazre milake to dekhe, hum abhi yahin ghayal ho jaenge..."
Tu dekh ya na dekh, tere dekhne ka gam nahi,
Par teri ye na dekhne ki ada dekhne se kam nahi.
amein dekhane waalo ki is duniya mein kami nahi,
Par teri nazhro wali baat kisi aur mein nahi !!!
tufan me kashti ko kinare bhi mil jate hai
jahan me logo ko sahare bhi mil jate hai
duniya me sabse pyari hai zindagi
kuch log zindagi se pyare bhi mil jate hai
Khidki khuli, Zhulfe nikli,
Khidki khuli, Zhulfe nikli,
Maine soch kismat khuli,
Par afsos, din itwaar tha,
Khuli zhulfo wala Sardar tha
vaado ko ikraar na samjho,
Khamoshi ko inkaar na samjho,
Nazre milti hai hazaroo se,
Nazro ke milne ko pyar na samjho..

Koi ankhon se baat kar leta hai,
Koi ankhon mein mulakat kar leta hai,
Bada mushkil hota hai jawab dena,
Jab koi khamosh rehkar sawaal kar leta hai.

Sharab bani to maikhane bane ...
Sharab bani to maikhane bane ...
pyar bana to deewane bane

Kuch to baat hogi aap mein
ki yuhi nahin paagal khane bane.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Original Joke : The Longest Hour ...

There are times which make us think about how we take things for granted. How we forget about everybody else who may be craving for water and use it carelessly just because we have it in abundance. You must be thinking what is with all this preaching. Ok, let me come straight to the point.

Today began just like any other day. As usual sun rose (for me ) at 10:00. After answering nature's call and brushing my teeth I went back to my routine, that is, to sleep again. If it was not for the pressure, do you think I would be up so early?? I was having a dream about kite flying when my sleep was interrupted by keyur's knock on my door. You all still must be puzzled "what does all this have to do with the longest hour?". Chill out, have patience, I am just coming right there.

I had my lunch and after a couple of hour pressure was building up in my intestine. So I carried the bottle of dettol liquid hand wash to the rest room. So far so good, isn't it? I went in there, finished my business, opened the tap and ooops!!! Just one moment ago I was living my life happily and now I was cadaverous. Seemed like my whole world was on the verge of termination. Was it a sign of a doom's day or was I over-reacting? Yes, you guessed it right. Not even a single droplet of water came out the tap.

They ask you about a zillion different weird situation at SRT ( Situation Reaction Test ) in SSB ( Services selection board ), but this kind of situation never made its way in SRT. May be none of the officers had to encouter such problems or may be because there is no right answer for this. Even if any of them had faced such a situation, who would want it to be shared publicly? Hey, I am writing all this things down here in the public interest.

Someone really said it true that we dont remember GOD unless we are in trouble. If this is not a trouble then what is? I was praying to god earnestly to come to the rescue. Of course, I felt very shameful to remember GOD at such a place and in such a situation. Lekin marta kya na karta!!

As I had nothing else to do there, I started thinking!! My mind experienced an an avlanche of thoughts. Boy I wished I had been in america, at least I could have had some tissues to clean out my a** and I could have come out of the cubicle(!!). I started to realise how it must have felt like being in a gas chamber.
I composed myself and started consoling me. "Hey, someone else might have trapped also". "Sooner or later, somebody would realise that there is no water supply and will inform security to start the water pump". So I decided to be in there until I get help. How was I supposed to know that it would take an hour?? My legs started to go numb. At each passing moment hope of getting any help was fading. That was not the place I wished to die!!.

All of a sudden, a sweet sound filled my ear with a feeling of exuberance. That was the sound of a droplet of water colliding with the bottom of a mug. My heart was filled with ray hope. I was not even half as eager to know my 12th std score as I was to hear the sound of a cascade coming out of the tap. Finally, my patience paid off. Freedom, the most beautiful word in this world.

So guyz, what did we learn from this story?
1) Precaution is better than cure : always check whether enough water is there in the rest room before you order your artillary to attack pakistan.
2) Save water : Because can you imagine what could have happen in its absence?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Original Joke : Gupta v/s Orange

It's been quite a while since I was away from blogging. I know, I have missed many interesting incident that I should have written over here. Writing down a couple of incidence of gupta's invincible humour.
Gupta unplugged
Gupta talked to me one day about a new victim of his humour. He was describing how he stumped a girl from orange who called him regarding advantages of post-paid plans. Here is how it goes....

It was early morning ( Though it was 10'o clock, it must be considered early morning according to gupta's routine ) when gupta's mobile rang.

xyz : Hello sir, sorry to disturb you but I will only take two minutes of your time.
Gupta ( he must have chuckled knowing his prey is coming on its own to be hunted :D ) : Ok go ahead
xyz : Sir, I am nisha, callling from orange. According to our records you are using our prepaid services. I guess you must be using 300 Rs Prepaid coupons to recharge your mobile phone
Gupta : Who said I am using 300 Rs Prepaid coupons to recharge my mobile??
xyz : Oh... then which coupon do you use to recharge?
Gupta : 500 Rs
xyz : Ok sir, if you using 500 Rs coupon then you must be getting talk time around 300 but according to our new scheme....
Gupta ( interrupting the girl ) : Who said that I get talk time of only 300 on 500 rs coupon?
xyz ( quite puzzled by now ) : Ok sir, so under which scheme are you using 500 rs coupon?
Gupta : Sorry young lady, your two minutes are over :D

Body pe mat jao.. bhavnao ko samjho Things do not finish here. Just after a few days of this incidence achyut came to visit IIT. We all went to anudeep's place by bus. Gupta shared his tale of above mentioned encounter with an orange girl. Just then an idea popped in my mind and I blurted it out. "Gupta, ab ki baar agar vo phone kare to use bol ki, 'why don't we discuss this over a cup of coffee?' ". I just mentioned my thought to him casually, hardly have I known that his mind made a note to implement it as soon as an opportunity arrives.

He did not had to wait too long for the same. The opportunity rang on his mobile ( or knocked his door.. or whtever you call it is ) . I was sitting there in his room checking my mails. He was fast asleep because the sun was not set yet :D. Tring tring... tring tring...( Now, this is not how his mobile rings .. but I do not know how to mimic it in words.. so you have to bear with me ). Gupta woke up with an unpleasant expression, ( He must be thinking in a rage " Kis gustakh ne aisi harkat ki hai?? " ). "Hello Sir, I am nisha speaking from orange, I wanted to let you know about a new postpaid plan which is ... " said a girl with a sweet, calm voice ( without having any clue of what is going to happen the next moment ) was interrupted by gupta. "Why dont we discuss this over a cup of coffee?? ". There you go my friend... I was laughing my a** out uttering in my mind "ye laga chhakka aur gupta phir champion". Obviously the girl was stunned and could not speak anything for at least 7-8 second. She said "Oh! my GOD!!!" after composing herself a bit. She repeated the phrase a couple of more times. "Sir please, pahele plan sun lijiye" she pleaded. "So you dont like coffeee??" said gupta, not in a mood to let go. "Sir , plan sun lijiye na... pleeeaazze", an intense pleading this time. "But I like coffee", gupta remained unaffected. Some more request from the girl and some more teasing from gupta went on for a while. Finally gupta blew her off saying he is not interested in listening to her "plans" if she is not interested in his coffee.

This made it clear to me why gupta is not having any luck with gals :D. I wonder whether there exist a girl who can understand and appreciate gupta's humour. Anyways, no wonder he has to end his day by having a cup of coffee with saket :D.