Friday, March 17, 2006

Good bye my friend...

Good bye my friend...
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it's me again after a long time. A lot of things happened during this time but becuase of my laziness, could not write it down over here. One more friend of mine have headed to abroad for better career... but this time ..that friend was one of my best friend pranay.

Good bye my friend...
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Initially, his plan was to stay at parla but then, luckily, he changed his mind ( needless to say i was the actuator ) to stay at my room. Obviously, he was worried for the life ahead.. after all , saudi arabia is not what people dream for. But I guess he would make much more money over there as compared to what he was making it over here.

He was sad the night before his departure, it was not the worry
about his future, but it was regarding his mom. He was already
feeling nostalgic in just one day. I guess it would be much much hard
for his mom to brook the pain of separation.

Anyways, I could not go to the airport to drop him because his
timings exactly coincided with SecNet dates. So he is not at Saudi and
feeling nostalgic. I dont know how exactly it feels. I have never been
so far from my home... may be I will have to bear the same agony if i
crack a university for PhD.

Good bye my friend... and wish you a very best of luck for your future ahead.