Saturday, January 14, 2006

Original Joke : ek penjon le lunga!

well, here i am back after a long time. i was a bit preoccupied ( or at least was pretending to be occupied ;-) ) in my report submission work. Anyways, here it goes

Scenario : A typical IIT night. At H2 canteen at around 12:30 in the night. Me, gupta, saket and sushil were chatting. Gupta was in his usual mood of "hypothetical situation".

Gupta : To Mr Saurabh Joshi, Aap ko IIT main kaun si ladki pasand hai?
Gupta : A ) Girl1 B) Girl2 C) Girl3 D) Girl4.

( I would prefer not to put the original options .. coz gupta was at his height of imagination while providing options )

Gupta : To bataiye... kis ke sath jana chahenge aap. A, B, C ya D?

( I knew I had to choose one of the options.. not choosing an option would have given them more excuse to tease me ;-) :D. So I was puzzled by this question and was wondering what to say! )

Gupta : Bahut confused dikh rahe hai? Life line use karna chahenge?

( I still did not answer .. to save myself from being teased anymore I knew I had to give answer very very cautiously )

Gupta : Audience poll lena chahenge aap? Oh... Aur results hai? A) 25% B) 25% C) 25% D) 25%
Badi hi kathin samasya me fans gaye hai aap. Audience poll aap ki kuchh khas madad nahi kar sakta. Aisi situation me aap kya karenge?

Sushil (out of the blue) : Aasan hai, ek penjon le lunga ( !!!! :-O :D :-)) )
(This was a punch line of an ad of a painkiller 'penjon')