Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On my way towards mental peace ...

So as expected, I got a BB in my second stage presentation. The grade did not come as a surprise as I knew I could not have got better grade after such a disaster. Anyways, whatever happened has happened and one can't turn it back.

I thought my guide would have been very angry after the presentation. But when I talked to him the next day, I was relaxed to find out that is not the case. In fact he was searching for me to tell me about a job opportunity in the field of formal verification at atrenta. Though he does not talk informally with his students, he cares a lot about his students.

Anyways, now the presentation is over I am just counting hours for me to reach my home. Home : A place where all worries leave me and I just enjoy like anything. I dont have PC at my home but frankly speaking that's the best part. I can enjoy a real vacation, without connectivity, without PC . I can be myself. No need to involve computer science at home :-)

I am sure my visit to my home, bhavnagar and rajkot will referesh me and I will again have the strength to fight rest of the battle that are to come.