Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I am back..!!

Well, No wonder I have not been posting anything on blogger since long. July was undoubtedly the most exhausting week because of the final project presentation. After that, I enjoyed a real nice vacation...and for me, vacation means vacation, no emails, no connectivity...in short.. no worry :D.

So currently I am sitting in IBM India Research Lab at IIT Delhi. I have joined here on 2nd august but since then nothing interesting happend which would push me to write over here. In fact, right now I am writing no because I have something to write. But because I am sitting idle for a while.

The main character of my last few posts, the hero of the story or comedian of the story is missing. Yeah, the number of post on my blog is reduced because the entire gang is now scattered...me in delhi, malik in h'bad, saket in dubai, guptav in pune, keyur in b'lore and sushil in mumbai. No wonder this post is boring :D but I hope to write something interesting now onwards may be with a flambuoyant language because of GRE preparation. But this posting was like a "keep alive" packet.