Friday, August 13, 2010

Dependence on technology

This post is coming as a consequence of me being cut off from having mobile connectivity as described in my previous post.

Problem is not yet solved, but it got me thinking. It was extremely frustrating initially, and the frustration increased. But now after 4 days of absence of connectivity, I am starting to make peace with the situation.

I started wondering how dependent I have become on my mobile. I remembered good old time when I did not have one. In fact, I got a mobile from my own stipend during my Masters. I have never been addicted to SMSing or other kind of mobile addictions people have. I only use it to call people and receive calls. When I am away from my home, I use it for at most an 40 min to an hour and when I am at home, well, I hardly use my cell phone. So I believe that is is just psychological. But this is just scary. A little disturbance in life and I lost peace of my mind.

And there are two faces to this situation. Either you make peace with whatever situation ( injustice, unprofessionalism etc ) you are faced with, or you fight back. In the former, probably your conscience will bug you, reminding you that you did not take a stand. You just sat back and just made peace with the situation. In fact, that's what we all are good at. We just turn blind eye and just try to make peace with it.

I think, now I understand the situation of India. At every stage, for every service, one has to put up so much fight, that at the end of it, people just make peace with it. They trade there rights ( right to get justice, professional service etc ) and money ( bribe ) for their peace of mind.

May be that's why we fair much better at happiness index even we top the charts of corruption.

Probably, in a long term and in a bigger picture, peace of mind trumps everything.

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