Monday, August 30, 2010

Download Lyrics from Rankaar

Dear Friends,
Many of you would like to get lyrics from Rankaar for your personal use. To save you the trouble of writing them down on pen and paper here is the trick you can use :
  1. From any browser, load the page containing your favourite song.
  2. Click on 'Email This Post'  to email it to yourself. Then you can copy it from your email account. Alternatively, you can do the following
  3. Go to File -> Save As. Now, give it any name you want the file to be saved as. For example save it as 'mysong.htm' or 'mysong.html'.
  4. Now, from your computer, open this file 'mysong.htm' or 'mysong.html' using Microsoft Word. You will see that now you can select the lyrics of the songs.
  5. Alternatively, open this file 'mysong.htm' or 'mysong.html' in WordPad or NotePad.
  6. Now, go to Edit-> Replace. Search for 'return false' ( without the single quotes, of course! ) and replace it with 'return true'. Save it and close it.
  7. Now, double click on 'mysong.htm', it will open in your browser. But now, you will see that you will be able to select the lyrics/text of your choice.
Contents on Rankaar as under Creative Commons License. Hence, you are free to use it for any non-commercial purpose and you do not plagiarize (look it up in a dictionary :-) ).

--Saurabh Joshi

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