Sunday, April 06, 2008

Original Joke : Google bhi bandh hai

It has be a really long time since I have posted anything humorous on my blog. It may be indicative of the fact that life at IIT Bombay was more fun as compared to life at IIT Kanpur.

Anyways, the other day Sameer, Anshul, Sourabh and I were discussing about how people working in software industry themselves are ignorant about how some software related technology works. Anshul depicted the following incident happening at a company his friend was working for :
Guy 1: Kya yaar, kya kar raha hai?
Guy 2 : kya kar sakte hai?? sala aaj internet bandh hai.
Guy 1: Abe internet to chhodo Google bhi bandh hai ( :-O :-D )
It may not sound much funny right now, but it surely was when Anshul was telling it to us.

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