Wednesday, May 02, 2007

After lunch talks

It's been a long pause on my blog. I would say nothing significant to write. Even in this post not much significant but few small interesting pieces of interesting discussion.

Sometimes we go to IRL foyer after lunch and have some discussion. At times, those discussions are fruitful too. By fruitful, I mean it adds something in your knowledge. For example, today I was chatting with my friend Sambuddha . He is a very good narrator, I must admit. He was talking about his BTech advisor Manindra Agrawal who has been awarded with a Godel Prize.

He narrated an incident when Prof Manindra was out to present his work on a conference. There were a few Fields medalist , who were unable to grasp the idea of a young talent like Prof Manindra taking away the Godel prize on the same problem that they once tried to tackle. As Prof Manindra was presenting his talks, these fellows tried to interrupt him in order to embarrass him every now and then. At one point, a question was posed on such a trivial thing that Prof Manindra could not resist but say "I don't know about the undergraduates in US, but I can assure you that any undergraduate student in India would be able to understand this". Needless to say, no further interruptions occurred during his presentation :-).

There were also a few things that I came to know like a complexity class ( NP^NP ) as well as
game of Hex, Secretary Problem and things like that.

Sometimes, chatting can be more brain stimulating than the work :-)

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