Thursday, February 01, 2007

Parzania : A distorted reflection of Gujarat Riots

So I am back to the blogs after a long break. Life is going on as routine and events happening not worth mentioning. But something happened that forced me to write today, something that evoked memories of gujarat riots. Yes, I am referring to movie "Parzania".

Last sunday evening me and pranjal went to see a movie at PVR Saket. Though the movie has been praised by critics, I did not like it much. It seems to be a fashion to make movies on "sensitive" issues and show that you ( producer / director and the whole league ) are "concerned" about those who suffered those horrific series of events.

The thing I did not like most about the movie is that they depicted the police force as an evil spectator and accomplice. I am not saying that police was acting like an angel during the events and may be some incidents might have happened which caused the notoriety the police has gained. Bollywood keeps on depicting our police force as a demon and then we all yell that police does not perform its duties very well. If someone who has done good deeds is always been criticized for his/her wrongdoing, will there be any motivation to keep on doing good? Isn't it the case that lack of appreciation cultivates a tendency not to take pain in doing something right ( because no body would care/mention/appreciate )?

I had been there in gujarat. I am born and brought up in gujarat itself. And I must say that the biggest villain was media. Stating baseless rumors as facts, presenting events in a sensitized form, showing provoking clips/statements this is all media has done. Should not they act responsibly? But who is to blame, after all, we like things presented in this manner. We always try to hide our irresponsible behavior by criticizing someone.

So called "Top class" reporter barkha dutt was standing on a lonely highway and screaming there is no security force there? What should I say about that asinine woman? Gujarat has thousands of kilometers of highway, what did she want? A policeman at every 50 meter on the highway and leave the burning cities unattended?

Army batallions were air lifted from Jodhpur to get them as fast to gujarat as possible. Those army men did not took a rest. But did we appreciate? My friends were stuck in vidyanagar because of curfew. No mess, no shops and no food. It was the police who came to the rescue, searching for such caged souls and escorting them to Anand railway station. They did not ask whether the students that they are helping is hindu or muslim, the just performed their duties. Alas! it all goes unnoticed. When the mob came to our place and burned shops at the ground floor, police did came. What do you think a group of four people, three carrying a lathi each and one carrying a vintage pistol could have done against a mob of 3000 people? I have seen police officers begging the mob to keep cool. And the way they depict in the movie is that police watched the entire scene taking satanic pleasure in whatever was happening.

Is it police' fault that we do not have enough policemen? Is it police' fault that it is not well equipped and poorly paid? At the time of riots, they were staying in tents in a sensitive areas so that people could feel safe, but no body cared asking them even for a glass of drinking water.

Well, may be I had a lot to write but my anger towards the movie was subdued because of the delay in this writing. And even from a movie point of view, having english as a language while you are filming on a lower class background???

Besides, I still don't understand what was the point of making this movie after years of those horrific past. Did they want to revive the wounds of victims? It is such kind of distorted and exaggerated representation which had damaged gujarat's reputation irrevocably. Gujarat was pushed to a sixth place in industrial investment, because they say gujarat is an "unsafe" place.

For me, gujarat is much much safer than any other place in india where girls can stroll at almost midnight without worries. May the peace prevail!!!