Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sherlock Holmes

Lately, I have been reading famous "Sherlock Holmes" stories. What a nice piece of literature it is! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is truly a master of creating writings that hold the reader till the end. It really takes a true genius to create such a timeless character like Sherlock Holmes.

Though, some of the inferences employed by Sherlock Holmes in unleashing the truth seems to be unrealistic, I especially admire the literature for the flair with which the author wrote it. The description of a scene creates enough impact on your mind to force it to weave a virtual world around as if you are witnessing the entire series of events. Author has put to use his vocabulary so perfectly that it does not drive away a reader with average vocabulary and yet maintaining enough variations to make it far from banal. I wish I could attain at least 1/20th of author's writing skill.

Now I know, why Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was awarded knighthood. :-)

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