Saturday, September 24, 2011

Banning the internet is Panacea!!

          It is tragic that one student at IIT Kanpur committed a suicide. And authority is now pondering over banning internet during the night. Earlier they banned LAN during the night, while the internet was allowed!! Even in IIT Bombay they there was network black out during night following a suicide incident.

But really??? Is that the only thing IIT authorities can think of? I heard that some UG students will be provided accommodation on shared basis, well, that may somewhat helps. Probably, I don't know? But banning the internet???

I think that everyone has this tool, 'Ban the internet!' and they feel satisfied that they have 'done something' !! I guess they derive this attitude from Indian government. 'Ban this, Ban that' or 'Sniff this account, that account' without really trying to go to root of any problem.

Too bad!!!

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