Thursday, August 18, 2011

India turning into a Big Boss house?

         I do not know how well to put it. This is just like having cameras in your own house. Indian government silently implemented 'NatGrid'. What it essentially does is that a bunch of "intelligence" ( the quote is very well intended ) agencies will get access to your entire digital footprint. These government agent can access your records like bank details, credit card details, licence and motor vehicle related details, income tax database and financial transaction, criminal records ( if any ), gmail, facebook, twitter, blackberry database and I am sure other services like skype etc are either already under the surveillance or is coming under surveillance. And also, our IT act, mandates it for cyber cafes to maintain our entire surfing session. Rumours have it that it is mandatory for cyber cafes to have keyloggers as well. So please be careful entering into a cyber cafe and opening up your email/bank account.

With very high probably, the only thing that will change now is that people will get extorted and blackmailed by so called "intelligence agencies" because almost all of us have some or the other secrets in lives which we do not want to be leaked. Not only that, these days people store really sensitive data on facebook/gmail and hence, these "intelligence" agencies can access it at a click of a button. And No, they do not require even a court order to monitor such details.

There is a very famous quote by Benjamin Franklin :

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I completely agree to this statement. I mean, c'mon. If someone is planning a terrorist attack they would obviously know that all these medium are monitored. They can easily use off-the-shelf encryption tools to communicate securely which can not be broken by the might of all the computation power available to Indian Government.

And really? Do you expect that with such humongous data available at their disposal, they would be even able to mine useful information out of in time to prevent any kind of terror attacks? We are blindly following US footsteps and taking away liberty/privacy of people for some false sense of security.

And with the great amount of cyber "expertise" that Indian Government has can they really protect all this information falling into a wrong hand? Even US is having hard time protecting their data once in a while, do you even think Indian government is even close to capable to protect this data from so many hackers out there?

Only time will tell, but as of now, we have given up our privacy. Entire nation is a huge big boss house, and every one is watched!

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