Thursday, August 18, 2011

British Raj is here!!

It forces me to write such a title. Can't people of India even peacefully protest against a whimsical decision of their government? The way UPA government used its might to stop Ramdev and Anna clearly indicates that something very dark is going on. If the government is so clean, why not have a strong Lokpal bill?

Has anyone even looked at the lokpal bill draft?

We all know that even if you know someone is corrupt, it is very hard to prove. With the Indian system, unless it is red handed, it is next to impossible to convict someone. Now, the government is proposing a lokpal bill where if the charges are not proven against accused, then the complainant will be imprisoned for not less than 2 years and will be imposed fine not less than 25000/-.

That means, unless you have caught someone red handed, you can not even invoke a lokpal inquiry.

Second is that all the evidence will be provided to accused to given him fair chance of hearing??? Well, ultimately, the matter will go to court anyway, why to reveal evidence in advance? If the accused is high powered person ( almost all of them will be, because the bill covers only 'A' grade govt employees and ministers etc ) they will have enough time to manipulate/eradicate evidence.

There are many more things, just check out the draft of the lokpal bill.

The sad part of Indian system is that you have to bribe even if you are a perfectly genuine law abiding citizen. From lodging FIR to Train Reservation, from police verification for passport to getting a gas cylinder, from getting water/electricity connection to well, almost everything....

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